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Aroma Cir, Madhuvan Society, Nilkamal Society,

Palanpur, Gujarat 385001

02742 250 777

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Best Restaurant in Palanpur

We believe that a human cannot appreciate any other things if he/she has not dined well. Keeping it our motto, we always try to provide the best, authentic, & home-style food and real dining experience. Our chefs know your taste and prepare food with local, fresh ingredients. We ensure good food and better health throughout your stay. 

Royal Restaurant of Palanpur

Calm and relaxed atmosphere

We know exactly what you want at the time of your meals. ‘Eating’ is not only about the food; it is an emotion. It is about peace, comfort, and satisfaction. We want you to have a pleasant and memorable experience with our food as well as the place where you eat. Here at our beautiful restaurant, you will feel calm and relaxed anytime during your meal hours.


We wanted to create a global restaurant, where you can enjoy ‘desi’ as well as ‘videsi’ dishes. So, here we are – with our classic, authentic, and innovative dishes you will love! You will enjoy our contemporary Indian cuisine with the best cooking recipes by our passionate chefs.